The Human Genre Project

Communication Breakdown

[Reading note: have in mind Ella Fitzgerald singing Cole Porter's "Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love)"]

The birds have it.
The bees have it.
Even echolocating Mormoopidaes have it.
Let's use it, that FOXP2.

Words wouldn't make sense without it.
Even after half of what's said you'd doubt it.
Let's use it, that FOXP2.

It doesn't take a random mutation in it.
For a breakdown in communication, innit?
Let's use it, that FOXP2.

Whole nations go to war from it.
Fly over Dresden in their planes to bomb it.
Let's use it, that FOXP2.

Avoid a conflict by tactfully defusing it.
Take a chance to speak your peace using it.
Let's not abuse it, that FOXP2.

FOXP2 (Forkhead box protein P2) is implicated in the development of human language skills and other animal vocalisations. Human FOXP2 differs from chimp FOXP2 by only two amino acids, mouse FOXP2 by only 3 amino acids, and zebra finch FOXP2 by only 7 amino acids. It has also been shown to be involved in bat echolocation. Neanderthals had the same FOXP2 allele as modern humans. Individuals with mutations in the FOXP2 gene have little or no cognitive handicaps but are unable to correctly perform the coordinated movements required for speech; because of this, FOXP2 has been dubbed the "speech and language gene". FOXP2 gene is located on human chromosome 7.

JF Derry