The Human Genre Project

aunt rosie

aunt rosie loved summer and baseball
sun beating on skinned knees
the whoosh of wood bats
the open air of green fields

but as soaking rains came
next the brute bumbling winter
oh how she clung to her sister's hand
moaning mother, mother
stuffing used tissues in white socks

and we would pull her into our circle
dancing her round
and round
singing to her
ring around the rosie
a pocket full of posies
the dulled disc of her face
floundering finally
under the weight of a growing grin

Regina Green's poems have appeared in A Little Poetry- Voracious Verses, Cahoots Magazine, Breadcrumb Scabs, physiognomy in letters, and the on-line poetry blogs Bolts of Silk, This Zine Will Save Your Life, Thirteen Myna Birds and a handful of stones. She is also published in Spiraling Volume 1 and Spiraling Nature, two collaborative Lulu pressed poetry compilations. Regina is a therapist living in Marietta, GA

You can find her at The Red Bird Chronicles (

Regina Green