The Human Genre Project

Meet Me at the Speed of Light

Meet me at the speed of light, where mass
marries energy. I promise I’ll be on time.

Music is math, and ribosomes play amino acids
note by note to compose proteins. There’s a gene

that rules rhythm in a worm’s life: eating,
excreting, laying eggs. An electron and a positron

collide in a bar. Both particles disappear.
Get it? I’m caught between the here and now.

I’ve come to this table with nothing but
piecemeal knowledge in my pockets.

Gambling on pulses of glands and orifices.
A few more read and a few more shed.

One can’t remain forever in a state of paroxysm.
The Brain Institute wants molecular control

of your behavior. Talking to God is a habit,
running our mouths the way a toilet runs.

See how quickly the tables turn? Indoor
plumbing was our real estrangement

from the weather. It’s a sore spot
where you put your finger. Don’t hold back.

Laura-Gray Street