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ESRC Genomics Network · Genetics and Society book series

The ESRC Genomics Network’s Genetics and Society book series provides an outlet for outstanding scholarship in the multiple fields of genetics and genomics social sciences research. Published with Routledge since 2006, the research monographs, handbooks, textbooks, and edited collections offer authoritative, cutting edge perspectives on issues covering the ethical, legal, social, economic or political aspects of:

  • tissue engineering, enhancement, and cloning
  • genetic modification of foodstuffs and other organisms
  • neuroscience and neuroethics
  • genetic screening and testing
  • stem cell research and reproductive technologies
  • psycho-social aspects of medical genetics and gene therapy
  • the social and ethical issues surrounding biomedical innovation
  • public engagement and political discourse
  • representations of genetics across the media and cultural spheres
  • regulatory policy and governance of biomedical research and its human applications
  • the sociology and anthropology of bio-science and bio-technology
  • bioethics
  • the economics of new biomedical technologies and their place in the ‘knowledge economy’

Proposals for new titles within the scope of these topic areas are encouraged from individuals and groups. Please see the book proposal submission guidelines and application form.

Books in this series

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Breast Cancer Gene Research and Medical Practices: Transnational Perspectives in the Time of BRCA

Sahra Gibbon, Galen Joseph, Jessica Mozersky, Andrea zur Nieden, Sonja Palfner   March 2014

Barcoding Nature: Shifting Cultures of Taxonomy in an Age of Biodiversity Loss

Claire Waterton, Rebecca Ellis and Brian Wynne   April 2013

GM Food on Trial: Testing European Democracy

Les Levidow and Susan Carr   July 2012

Handbook of Genetics and Society: Mapping the New Genomic Era

Paul Atkinson, Peter Glasner and Margaret Lock   July 2012

Local Cells, Global Science: The Rise of Embryonic Stem Cell Research in India

Glasner, P. (Cardiff University) and Bharadwaj, A. (Edinburgh University)   May 2012

The International Legal Governance of the Human Genome

Chamundeeswari Kuppuswamy   May 2012

Genetic Testing: Accounts of Autonomy, Responsibility and Blame

Michael Arribas-Ayllon, Srikant Sarangi and Angus Clarke   October 2011

Creating Conditions: The making and remaking of a genetic syndrome

Katie Featherstone and Paul Atkinson   September 2011

Neurogenetic Diagnoses: The Power of Hope and the Limits of Today’s Medicine

Carole H. Browner and H. Mabel Preloran   June 2010

The GM Debate: Risk, Politics and Public Engagement

Tom Horlick-Jones, John Walls, Gene Rowe, Nick Pidgeon, Wouter Poortinga, Graham Murdock; and Tim O’Riordan   July 2009

Human Cloning in the Media: From Science Fiction to Science Practice

Haran, J., Kitzinger, J. (Cardiff University), McNeil, M. and O'Riordan, K. (Lancaster University)   October 2007

Growth Cultures: The Global Bioeconomy and its Bioregions

Cooke, P. (Cardiff University)   July 2007

New Genetics, New Identities

Glasner, P., Atkinson, P., and Greenslade, H. (Cardiff University)   December 2006

New Genetics, New Social Formations

Glasner, P., Atkinson, P., and Greenslade, H. (Cardiff University)   December 2006

Governing the Transatlantic Conflict over Agricultural Biotechnology: Contending Coalitions, Trade Liberalisation and Standard Setting

Murphy, J. (Oxford University) and Levidow, L. (The Open University, Milton Keynes)   August 2006

Genetics and Society book series – in association with Routledge

The Genetics and Society book series is published in association with Routledge. Please see the appropriate section of their website for further details.