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Mapping the Genome

Dr Isabel Fletcher

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Mapping the Genome: an investigation of the governance of genetic/genomic technologies in the British coalition administration 2012-2013

We have undertaken a mapping exercise in order to examine the different techniques of governance employed by current UK government departments with respect to genetic/genomic technologies. Findings have been converted into a searchable database arranged by department, and categorised into ten broad policy headings. A short accompanying paper argues that, while genetic/genomic technologies have become widely used research tools in certain areas of government, their adoption has yet to have the significant social or economic impacts forecast in earlier government policy statements. This project was carried out by Dr Isabel Fletcher.

Findings can be viewed on the Mapping the Genome online spreadsheet:https://public.sheet.zoho.com/public/mappingthegenome/mapping-the-genome-april2013-xls

Mapping the Genome