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MAGNet - Medicine and Genomics Network

Nadja Kanellopoulou

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MAGNet is a capacity-building network for postdoctoral research staff working on medicine and genomics across the ESRC Genomics Network (EGN), and fellow researchers associated with EGN work. The network aims to create and facilitate opportunities for existing postdoctoral research staff to compare experience on current work, exchange views about future projects and establish new collaborations.

MAGNet recently organised a network session at the 1st International ESRC Genomics Network Conference, 'GENOMICS AND SOCIETY - TODAY'S ANSWERS, TOMORROW'S QUESTIONS' in London, 25-26 October 2007. The session was dedicated to problems in the interdisciplinary translation of clinical and family research in practice.

A pilot workshop was organised to launch celebrate MAGNet as the first network of this kind across EGN, with the support of the ESRC Genomics Forum in May 2006. Members sought to achieve a good balance between discussing research, networking and acquiring new skills in medicine, health and genomics research.

Future Diary

MAGNet is considering options for a training workshop event in 2008. We are looking for volunteers to get involved in shaping the future of our network. We invite all members and interested colleagues to send suggestions Nadja Kanellopoulou.

MAGNet EGN Event 25-26 October 2007

'Translating research on genomics and medicine' - How to make social research on family medicine accessibleFirst International ESRC Genomics Network Conference 'GENOMICS AND SOCIETY - TODAY'S ANSWERS, TOMORROW'S QUESTIONS', London, 25-26 October 2007


MAGNet EGN Poster, 25-26 October 2007

MAGNet displayed a network poster at the First International ESRC Genomics Network Conference 'GENOMICS AND SOCIETY - TODAY'S ANSWERS, TOMORROW'S QUESTIONS' in London. A copy will be available here shortly.

MAGNet Flyer, 26 March 2007

A MAGNet flyer was included in the conference pack of the 4th Cesagen International Conference in London.

MAGNet Poster, 18 September 2006

MAGNet displayed a poster on the pilot event at the British Society of Human Genetics Conference 2006.

EGN Newsletter Issue 5, March 2007

An article in the News Section of the EGN Newsletter (Genomics NETWORK), Issue 5, March 07: page 9, reports on the pilot MAGNet workshop (May 2006).

MAGNet Pilot Workshop

MAGNet Capacity-Building Workshop, 9-10 May 2006, Edinburgh Venue: ESRC Genomics Forum

Researchers from across the ESRC Genomics Network engaged on projects with a clinical or medical focus were brought together for a pilot workshop in May 2006, in Edinburgh. The aims were to create a forum for these researchers that would encourage productive dialogue about their work, facilitate the exchange of ideas and information, provide opportunities to discuss potential future projects and establish opportunities for collaboration. The workshop, funded in its planning and final phases by the ESRC Genomics Forum, was attended by 25 researchers from various disciplinary backgrounds. Research in progress was presented and discussed, representing the diversity of approaches to genomics and medicine being undertaken by the EGN. Participants took part in focused group work on 'The Challenges of Interdisciplinary Research', a topic of relevance to many social researchers working on projects relating to medical genomics. This initiative has resulted in the establishment of MAGNet that will work to support the community of researchers working in this area. We hope that this network will attract interest from researchers outside the ESRC Genomics Network and facilitate engagement with the clinical and scientific communities in human genetics.

The event agenda is available to members. An online forum and follow-up MAGNet events are being planned with the support of the ESRC Genomics Forum. For further information please contact Nadja Kanellopoulou - nadja.kanellopoulou@ed.ac.uk

Pilot Workshop Participants

Adi Bharadwaj, Department of Sociology, University of EdinburghMinakshi Bhardwaj, Cesagen, Cardiff UniversityAdam Bostanci, Egenis, University of ExeterRampaul Chamba, Innogen Open UniversityChris Chatterton, Cesagen, Cardiff UniversityHannah Farrimond, Egenis, University of ExeterKatie Featherstone, Cesagen Cardiff UniversityRena Gertz, Innogen / AHRC Research Centre for Studies in Intellectual Property and Technology Law, University of EdinburghMaggie Gregory, Cesagen, Cardiff UniversityGill Haddow, Innogen, University of EdinburghNina Hallowell, Public Health Sciences, University of EdinburghShawn Harmon, Innogen, University of EdinburghCate Heeney, ETHOX Centre, University of OxfordNadja Kanellopoulou, ESRC Genomics Forum, University of Edinburgh Catherine Lyall, Research Centre for Social Sciences, Institute for the Study of Science, Technology and Innovation, University of EdinburghJackie Needs, Wales Gene Park, Cardiff UniversityFiona O'Neill, Cesagen, Lancaster UniversitySarah Parry, Innogen, University of EdinburghHristina Petkova, Egenis, University of Exeter Elisa Pieri, Cesagen, Lancaster UniversityCathy Sampson, Cesagen, Cardiff UniversityPaula Saukko, Egenis, University of ExeterFlo Ticehurst, Wales Gene Park, Cardiff UniversityFloris Tomasini, Cesagen. Lancaster University Sarah Wilson, CESAGen, Lancaster University


This section will disseminate publications relevant to members work. Please send us (see Steering Committee further below) details of any publications that you would like to communicate to fellow network members. The documents will be filed in a secure page that will require member registration access. Further details will follow shortly.

Discussion Forum

There is a plan to set up a network discussion forum in the near future. For the time being we have agreed to rely on our emailing list in order to communicate with members.

Further information

E-mailing List

Our e-mailing list is the main way of communicating with members. If you are interested in joining MAGNet and subscribing to the MAGNet emailing list, please contact Nadja Kanellopoulou - nadja.kanellopoulou@ed.ac.uk with:

  • a short bios
  • a link to your project description
  • a list of your research publications

Member Profiles

Please send updates on your profiles for our online members' area to Nadja Kanellopoulou.

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