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Using Creative Writing to Promote Discussion about Genomics

Goldschmidt, Pippa; Knight, Christine (ed.)


October 2009

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Goldschmidt, Pippa; Knight, Christine (ed.)


Download: Using Creative Writing to Promote Discussion about Genomics

Background: Creative residencies in academic environments can provide ways of engaging with subject matter previously thought of as ‘inaccessible’, or not obviously interpretable through creative media. This engagement happens at different interfaces, first between the writer and the academics, and then outwardly with different audiences such as other writers, other academics, and the general public. During 2009 there were two writers in residence at the Genomics Forum. This briefing details the activities run by writer in residence Pippa Goldschmidt, to engage academics and clinicians as well as other fiction writers. The briefing also includes excerpts of Pippa’s own writing, and first-person reflections on her residency at the Forum.