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Book chapters

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Globalization and the environment

Yearley, S.   2007

Books (authored and edited)

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Science and the Garden

Ingram, D S., Vince-Prue, D. and Gregory, P. J.   2008


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Are Genetic Tests Exceptional?

Saukko, Paula - Egenis   2006

Complexity and Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Tait, Joyce and Mittra, James - Innogen   2004

Concurrent Power Briefing Paper

Lyall, Catherine - Innogen   2005

New Research on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008

Gillott, John; Hammond-Browning, Natasha; Smith, Malcolm; Knight, Christine (ed.)   October 2009

Science and Bias

Tait, Joyce - Innogen   2004

Science and International Agreements: The Case of Trade in GMOs

Murphy, Joseph - ESRC Genomics Forum   2004

Using Creative Writing to Promote Discussion about Genomics

Goldschmidt, Pippa; Knight, Christine (ed.)   October 2009

Consultation responses

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Genomics Forum Response to BBSRC Consultation on Future Directions in Research Relating to Food Security

Knight, Christine; Fletcher, Isabel; Frow, Emma; Ingram, David   July 2009

Journal articles

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Dolly for dinner? assessing commercial and regulatory trends in cloned livestock

Suk, J., Bruce, A., Gertz, R., Warkup,C., Whitelaw, C B A.,  Braun, A., Oram, C., Rodraguez-Cerez, E. and Papatryfon I.   January 2007

Rethinking vaccine R&D in developing countries

Chataway, J., Hanlin, R., Rosiello, A. and Smith, J.   2007

The biology of identity

Sturdy, Steve.   December 2009

The Politics of Plants

Frow, E.K., Ingram, D., Powell, W., Steer, D., Vogel, J. & Yearley, S.   2009


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Eminent Chinese Scientists visit Edinburgh

ESRC Genomics Forum   March 2006

Genomics Forum Expert meetings

ESRC Genomics Forum   2006

Genomics Forum Scoping meetings

ESRC Genomics Forum   2004

Measuring Up: How Standards Shape Our Lives

ESRC Genomics Forum   2007

Sound Science? Hope, Trust, Policy and Science Fraud

ESRC Genomics Forum   March 2006

Working papers

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Evaluation of Genetic Services

Heeney, Catherine   2005