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Dr. Eugénia Rodrigues

Genomics Forum Research Fellow


0131 651 4742






St John's Land, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh EH8 8AQ


Eugénia has been a Research Fellow at the ESRC Genomics Forum since March 2010, working part-time.

She is a Portuguese sociologist trained at the Universities of Coimbra (Portugal) and York (UK). Her research interests are located in the fields of environmental sociology and science and technology studies with a focus on environmental monitoring, public engagement and the use of ICTs.

Her PhD, from the University of York (UK), examined the nature and role of lay engagement in environmental monitoring, establishing a framework for the analysis of public involvement in monitoring activities and contributing to the development of a sociology of monitoring.

When she joined the Forum she was a partner in the EU FP7 funded project “EU ZOOS XXI: engaging the public in nature conservation”. In this project – concluded in August 2012 – she worked on strategies for public engagement with biodiversity and conservation issues in European zoos and marine parks. A paper analysing these exercises is in preparation.

Prior to her research activities in the UK, she held a Sociology lectureship post at the University of Minho (Braga, Portugal). Subjects taught include: Technoscience and the Environment; Technology, Science and Innovation; Identity and Social Movements; and Sociology of Development. She maintains links with colleagues in Portugal by being a member of CICS – the Research Centre for the Social Sciences (University of Minho), and sitting on the editorial board of Configurações (the peer-reviewed journal of CICS).

Current work

At present, Eugénia is preparing a volume (co-edited with Matthias Wienroth, Northumbria University) on converging technologies where the nature, extent and significance of convergences in fields such as Direct-To-Consumer genetic testing (DCTGT) and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) biotechnology are discussed.

She is also furthering her research on the sociology of monitoring by developing new research on the politics of monitoring with colleagues at the University of Edinburgh.

Eugénia would be interested in supervising graduate students whose work focuses on issues in environmental sociology, monitoring and surveillance (including environmental monitoring) and public engagement with science and technology.


Illustrative Publications

Eugénia Rodrigues, 2009, “Ambiente, sustentabilidade e cidade” (Environment, Sustainability and the Urban), in Carlos Fortuna e Rogério Proença (eds), Plural de Cidade: Novos Léxicos Urbanos. Coimbra: Almedina.

Eugénia Rodrigues, 2007, “Monitorização da qualidade ambiental e dinâmicas de participação pública: potencialidades e práticas da monitorização leiga” (Environmental monitoring and public participation: the potential for lay monitoring), in Borrego et al (eds), Actas da 9ª Conferência Nacional do Ambiente. Aveiro: Departamento do Ambiente da Universidade de Aveiro.

Eugénia Rodrigues, 2005, “Universal protection or global depletion? Hopes and contradictions in a science-led society”, in M. Eugénia Rodrigues & Helena Machado (eds) Scientific Proofs and International Justice: the future for scientific standards in global environmental protection and international trade. Braga: Universidade do Minho/NES.

Illustrative Presentations

2012, funded attendance in the USA to give a poster presentation on “Lay Participation in Environmental Monitoring – Enhancing Citizen Engagement Through Visualization Technologies” in SESYNC’s (the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center) workshop on Visualization Technologies to Support Research on Human-Environment Interaction, July 23-24, Annapolis, Maryland.

2009, “Nature re-enacted: exploring the dynamics of public participation in environmental monitoring”, Conference of the European Sociological Association, September 2-5, Lisbon.

2008, “Ambiente e Cidade: enfrentar os desafios da sustentabilidade urbana” (Environment and the Urban: addressing the challenges of urban sustainability), III Seminário da Rede Brasil-Portugal de Estudos Urbanos - Cidades e Novos Léxicos Urbanos, June 16-18, CES e FEUC, Coimbra.

2008, “Open Source Monitoring”, ISA Forum of Sociology, September 5-8, Barcelona, Spain.

2008, with Steven Yearley, “Locating environmental monitoring: how to analyse environmental monitoring in the light of sociological theory”, ISA Forum of Sociology, September 5-8, Barcelona, Spain.

2006, “From the mundane to the ‘out of place’: exploring the dynamics of public participation in environmental monitoring”, ISA World Sociology Congress, July 23-29 Durban, RSA.

2006, “Humans as sensors: reframing ‘the public’ in contemporary environmental monitoring”, EASST Conference, August 23-26, Lausanne, Switzerland.

2006, “Lay Environmental Monitoring in Practice”, SATSU seminar series, University of York, December 5, York.