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Mr. Cameron Duguid

Documentary Filmmaker in Residence




St John's Land, Holyrood Road, University of Edinburgh EH8 8AQ


Cameron Studied at Edinburgh College of Art and has been working professionally as an animator and film director since 2001. His degree film Type was a visual journey, using traditional stop-motion techniques, through a world of scientific illustrations, manipulating the viewers perception of scale and dimension.

Since graduating, Cameron’s work has been largely, but not exclusively science based. Films include A Stem Cell Story, a short introduction to the world of stem cell research, Annotate and Brain Damage, a C4 3 minute wonder in collaboration with NSPCC.

As animator, his films have included the bafta award winning Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives a BBC4 documentary about quantum theory and Stem Cell Revolutions, a Wellcome Trust supported film charting the history and scientific evolution of stem cell research.

His most recent work is an autumnal music video for Jesus H. Foxx- So The Wind Won’t Blow it All Away.

Current Work

Cameron, and fellow filmmaker Lindsay Goodall, are the first Resident Filmmakers at the ESRC Genomics Forum, and will be based at the Forum between September 2012 and February 2013.