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Dr. Matthias Wienroth

Academic Research Fellow


0131 651 4745






St John's Land, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh EH8 8AQ


Matthias Wienroth joined the Forum in September 2011 with a background in social science and education. He holds an MA in Political Science and Adult Education from Leipzig University, DE, and a PhD in the Sociology of Science and Technology from Newcastle University, UK.


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Wienroth, M. (2009) 'Disciplinarity and Research Identity in Nanoscale Science and Technologies', in: Ach, J.S. and C. Weidemann (eds), Size Matters. Nanobiotechnology and Nano-Medicine: Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects, Berlin: Lit, 157–177.

Research Interests

He is interested in the co-production of science and policy practices and discourse, and the agency of institutions in governing both. E.g., he has researched interdisciplinarity, collaboration and identity in the emerging science field nanotechnology; conducted an ethnography at the EPSRC on the governance of innovation; and worked with policy audiences.

Matthias has an interest in developing novel forms of synthesis and mediation of diverse knowledges about science, and in the techniques and technologies of interpreting, narrating and mobilizing science and technology to wider audiences. He currently develops activities on Converging Technologies, the governance of genomics research and application, and new forms of understanding interdisciplinarity and collaboration. He also contributes to public engagement activities about failed medical devices at Newcastle University, and is developing a sci-art project exploring methodologies of synthesized visual-textual narratives of scientific research and its application.