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Dr. Ann Lingard

Visiting Research Fellow (2010 - 2011)




Ann Lingard (Dr Ann Lackie) was formerly an academic and research scientist at Cambridge then Glasgow University, before changing career to take up writing and broadcasting. As well as publishing five novels and various short stories, and having her own regular programme on Radio Oxford in the 1990s, Ann has always been enthusiastic about 'crossing boundaries' between the sciences and arts.

Her own fiction represents this enthusiasm, but she has also organised the two 'Words & Pictures: explaining science' conferences for artists and writers; is the founder of the free resource SciTalk, www.scitalk.org.uk, that helps fiction-writers find and meet scientists; and gives talks, organises events and runs workshops for writers on 'putting the science into fiction'. She was an Outreach Associate of PEALS, Newcastle University, as the recipient of a 2-year Wellcome Trust 'People Award' for the 'Talking science in Cumbria' project, runs the Cockermouth Cafe Scientifique with her husband, and has recently been a Bright Ideas Visiting Fellow at EGF.

Current Work

While having a pause from writing full-length fiction, Ann has been enabled - through the - to visit Edinburgh to research and write the stories of several of the people who 'donated' their skeletons or organs to the anatomical collection in the Surgeons' Hall Museum, and to talk to and write about scientists, medics, and other people involved in the present-day donation or collection of tissues and organs.

Other ongoing work is the Solway Shore Stories - a series of real-life stories written after talking to people who live and work on the Firth or along its coast. An added enjoyment is leading informal guided walks along the shore!

Ann also occasionally blogs as 'Ruth Kowslowski' (http://ruthkowslowski.wordpress.com) - for reasons which will become obvious if you read the The Embalmer's Book of Recipes.



Figure in a Landscape (Headline, 1995)

The Fiddler's Leg (Headline, 1996)

Floating Stones (Online Originals, 2003)

Seaside Pleasures (Littoralis Press, 2003)

The Embalmer's Book of Recipes (Indepenpress, 2009)

Short stories include:

Cats (Chapman 81)

The chicken-run (Chapman 63)


Solway Shore Stories, www.solwayshorestories.co.uk

And many other articles, both on fiction and on science, including 'A different point of view', in Textualities.