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Dr. Nina Hallowell

Genomics Forum Associated Senior Research Fellow




For the last fifteen years, Nina has worked on research projects that have investigated some of the ethical and social implications of DNA-testing for late onset diseases (particularly BRCA 1 and 2 testing for hereditary breast and ovarian cancers). She is interested in the ways in which risk information is communicated in the clinic and within families who carry genetic disorders.

She is currently working on a BUPA Foundation project which looks at lay and professional views of childhood testing for late onset disorders. She recently visited Australia as a Leverhulme Fellow and is working with research groups in Melbourne at the University of Melbourne and the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre on a number of projects in cancer genetics.

In February 2012 Nina accepted the post of Programme Lead at the Public Health Genomics Foundation in Cambridge. Here she will be involved in policy related work on the responsible translation of genomic technologies into clinical practice.