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PFGS Regional meeting - Edinburgh 2008



Researching and interviewing 'elite' groups in the field of biomedicine


Many qualitative research training courses focus on techniques for recruiting and working with groups that are potentially vulnerable or powerless in relation to the researcher. However, for social science post-graduates interested in the life sciences, fieldwork often involves researching scientists, policymakers and other members of 'elite' groups. This raises particular practical and ethical issues, which are different from those confronted when researching less 'powerful' groups. These issues will form the focus for this event, which will provide opportunities for postgraduate students to exchange ideas and obtain practical advice from those with more experience of this type of research. One potential output from the event would the production of a list of hints and tips for future PFGS members.

Date: Friday 25th April 2008

Venue: ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum, St John's Land , Holyrood Road, Edinburgh, EH8 8AQ

Contact: In order to register for the event simply email Isabel Fletcher - I.Fletcher@sms.ed.ac.uk with your institutional affiliation, short keywords of your research interests, and what year/stage you are in your postgraduate studies.

Download the PFGS Regional meeting - Edinburgh 2008 programme