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Genomics Forum bows out by hosting two film premiers



Filmmakers-in-residence preview genomics-inspired documentaries.


The ESRC Genomics Forum has used its final engagement event to showcase the work resulting from its collaboration with two filmmakers-in-residence. The documentaries by Cameron Duguid and Lindsay Goodall have each received their premier screening at an event marking the conclusion of eight years of engagement work by the Genomics Forum.

Both filmmakers have been resident with the Forum since September 2012, and have been working with social and life scientists to research and develop documentaries that relate to the work of the ESRC Genomics Network. Cameron has produced Simply Complex - an animated exploration of how the development of our understanding of DNA has impacted the life sciences and wider society. Lindsay’s film – entitled East End Journey – focuses on the comparatively poor levels of health and reduced life expectancy experienced by residents of the east end of Glasgow, and the possible role of epigenetic factors in understanding this disparity.

Both documentaries received an extremely positive response from the audience present at the premier, which consisted of the staff and advisory board members from the Genomics Forum, representatives from the Genomics Network, and members of stakeholder groups that have worked with the Genomics Forum over the last eight years. Both documentaries will now be submitted to a number of international film festivals, thanks to the support of the Scottish Documentary Institute.

Speaking at the final Genomics Forum event, Forum Director said:

“I’m delighted that the work of the Genomics Forum is ending on a marked high, with the premier of the two superb documentaries that have been produced by the Forum’s filmmakers-in-residence. These films exemplify the way in which the Forum has, over the last eight years, used novel methods of engagement to interact with a wide range of stakeholder groups on the social implications of developments in the life sciences.

“I’m both proud and very pleased that the documentaries will be submitted to compete in film festivals, both in the UK and globally. Not only will this mean that these films will receive the wide audience they deserve, but it will also ensure the work of the Genomics Forum will live on beyond the formal completion of the initiative at the end of May 2013.”

The ESRC Genomics Forum and ESRC Genomics Network will both formally conclude on 31 May 2013. The Network’s three research Centres – Cesagen, Egenis, and Innogen – will continue beyond the conclusion of the Genomics Network, thanks to the support of the respective Universities that host these, and their success in attracting additional external funding

A legacy website, containing outputs from both the Genomics Forum and the Genomics Network, will be developed during summer 2013, and will before long be available at www.genomicsnetwork.ac.uk.