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Forum welcomes its final “Bright Ideas” visiting fellows



Cabinet Office Deputy Director and poet-in-residence contribute to Forum’s work.



The ESRC Genomics Forum has recently welcomed the final participants in its Bright Ideas visiting research fellow programme. This programme has provided individuals with the opportunity to spend a period of time in residence at the Forum and pursue work tailored to their own interests that also contributes in some way to the aims and objectives of the Forum. Since 2005, over 100 visiting fellows have participated in the scheme.

Earlier this spring, the Genomics Forum was joined by Leon Feinstein, Deputy Director Cabinet Office (Chief Analyst in the Implementation Unit) and Visiting Professor at the Centre for the Analysis of Social Exclusion at LSE. Dr Feinstein spent a his time as a Bright Ideas fellow reflecting on the question of “hereditarianism” and the relationship to it of Socioeconomic Status (SES) and child development, and discussing this meme with experts. This also provided the opportunity for Leon to discuss with and audience of scientists, social scientists, educationalists and members of the policy community the implications of work he has previously undertaken in this area. Details of his experience in relation to this can be found on his related blog post for Genotype.

In April and early May 2013 the Forum welcomed a Poet-in-Residence, Dr Samantha Walton, as its final Bright Ideas fellow. During her time at the Forum, Samantha – who is a Lecturer in literature and creative writing at Teeside University – explored the subject of epigenetics and its implications in light of critical social thought, issues of identity, innovative poetics and new media practices. Dr Walton also produced and open source poetry sequence, entitled TTAGGG, generated through contributions from delegates to the final ESRC Genomics Network conference, which took place in London at the end of April 2013.


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