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Forum engages with government scientific advisors



Forum Director involved in chief scientific advisor events.



February has seen the Genomics Forum actively engage with the work of senior scientific advisors to both the UK and Scottish Governments.

In mid-February, Genomics Forum Director, , was invited to address the Public Involvement Group of the Scottish Government’s Chief Scientist Office (CSO), to speak on the topic of “Genomics and Society” and the work of the Genomics Network. Members of the Public Engagement Group sit on CSO committees and participate in reviews undertaken by the Office. Events, such as the one Professor Yearley spoke at, are used to keep members of the group up-to-date with current scientific issues and related research, in order to help inform their work.

At the end of the month, Professor Yearley was also invited to attend the Scottish Consortium for Rural Research’s annual Peter Wilson Lecture, which this year was given by Professor Ian Boyd, Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK Government’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). Professor Boyd was speaking about the work he undertakes advising policy-makers on issues relating to the environment and agriculture, and about moves to science-led policy making.

Commenting on his recent engagement with government scientific advisors, Steve Yearley said:

“I was delighted to be invited to speak to the CSO Public Involvement Group. Members of the group are clearly both knowledgeable of, and engaged with, the important role played by scientific advice in guiding policy development, and were keen to learn about the role of the social sciences in understanding the impact advances in life sciences are having upon society.

“Equally, it was fascinating to be given an insight into the approach taken by senior scientific advisors, when listening to Professor Ian Boyd talk about his work as Chief Scientific Advisor to DEFRA.

“The Genomics Network has always welcomed the opportunity to engage with those working at the interface between science and policy, and this is a theme we will be exploring further at the final Network conference, which take place at the end of April.”

For further information on the ESRC Genomics Network Conference – Genomes and societies: Global challenges around life sciences – can be found at the following page on the Network’s website: www.genomicsnetwork.ac.uk/forum/conf2013.


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