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New "Bright Ideas" Fellows welcomed to the Forum



Forum’s latest Visiting Fellows hail from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and the Scottish Parliament.


As part of its on-going Bright Ideas programme, the ESRC Genomics Forum has recently welcomed Visiting Research Fellows hailing from the Scottish Parliament and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. The programme provides an exciting opportunity for individuals to spend a period of time – anything between a few days and two months – in residence at the Forum. It offers visiting fellows time and space to undertake a programme of work tailored to their own interests that also contributes in some way to the Forum's aims and objectives.

Jude Payne is the Senior Researcher in Health and Social Care at the Scottish Parliament Information Centre. He supports the functioning of the Parliament by providing information on health and social care issues to both individual Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs), and parliamentary committees. During his Bright Ideas residency, Jude will be examining how medical devices are regulated by the UK and EU, and the implications this might have for the use of such devices by health service providers.

Dr Stephanie Dyke works as Policy Adviser at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. Formerly a leader in the Human Genome Project, the Institute is now focused on understanding the role of gene function in health and disease. During her time at the Forum, Stephanie is focusing on policy developments in relation to data sharing and data protection in genomic research. She will engage with social scientists from across the Genomics Network in order to research, and increase understanding of, the social and ethical ramifications of the management of genetic data.

Commenting on the latest Bright Ideas Visiting Research Fellows, – Genomics Forum Deputy Director – said:

“We are delighted to welcome both Jude and Stephanie to the Forum as the latest participants in our Bright Ideas programme. The topics that they are each researching are extremely socially relevant and current, and given that both researchers are professionally engaged in the policy arena, we are very much looking forward to considering the outputs from their research work.

“It has always been the aim of the Bright Ideas programme to engage with contributors from across a range of organisations and sectors, to enable them to undertake research that builds upon their personal and professional interests, and that contributes to a greater understanding of the societal impacts resulting from developments within the life sciences. I think the work being undertaken by our latest Bright Idea fellows demonstrates how pertinent and beneficial such research can be.”

In addition to undertaking their respective research projects, both Visiting Research Fellows will be contributing to Genotype – the Genomics Forum blog.

Stephanie Dyke will also be delivering a seminar on Data Protection and Sharing, as part of the Mason Institute’s event series. This will take place at 12.30pm on Wednesday 27 February 2012, in the seminar room of the Department of Science, Technology and Innovation Studies, High School Yards, University of Edinburgh. To register for the event please visit the dedicated Eventbrite website - http://dataprotectionandsharing.eventbrite.com/ .

Please note that the above is a change of venue from that originally listed. Due to building works, please access High School Yards via the Drummond Street entrance.


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