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Forum academics produce special section of Science and Public Policy



Isabel Fletcher and Catherine Lyall co-edit journal on "Investing in Interdisciplinarity"


The latest edition (Volume 40 Issue 1 February 2013) of the prestigious social science journal Science and Public Policy has been largely dedicated to a special section edited by ESRC Genomics Forum Research Fellows, and .

Entitled Investing in Interdisciplinarity, the section examines the opportunities and challenges around an interdisciplinary approach to addressing social issues. It consists of eight papers from leading social science researchers – including a number of academics from the ESRC Genomics Network – and features a lead paper co-authored by Dr Fletcher and Dr Lyall entitled Experiments in interdisciplinary capacity-building: The successes and challenges of large-scale interdisciplinary investments.

Other papers in the special section of the journal cover topics that include: regional innovation policies; global challenges of biological knowledge for health and agriculture; new horizons for law and social science; and participatory interdisciplinary.

The section concludes with a paper that considers The role of funding agencies in creating interdisciplinary knowledge, for which Dr Lyall is the lead contributor.

The full February 2013 edition of Science and Public Policy can be accessed online at:



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