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Research in a Nutshell



Genomics Forum staff talk about their research in 1 minute videos.


Research in a Nutshell graphicThe University has recently recorded a collection of more than 400 1 minute research videos from across all three colleges.

In each video a member of academic staff tells something about their research - the variety spans all interests from art, divinity, education, engineering, informatics and astronomy through to neuroscience, genetics and veterinary medicine. Lab results, historical documents, social issues, climate change, technological developments and artistic practices are just some of the exciting topics discussed.

Each video is accompanied by additional background information with links to related videos and websites. You can also search for staff members, research topics and keywords, as well as browse by research centre, institute, school and college. More videos are being added weekly.

Research in a Nutshell originated as fun way to encourage collaborations between academic staff, by helping colleagues learn about each other's research. But, as the collection grew and diversified, it became obvious these interesting stories would have wider appeal, both inside and outside the University.

To view this eclectic compilation, please visit the dedicated website: www.ed.ac.uk/research/nutshell-videos

The project has been developed by a team in the School of Informatics, led by Prof. Robert Fisher: "The best thing about these videos is they show how much exciting research our staff are doing on the issues that interest and matter to people today."

Funding for this collection was from the UK's EPSRC and the University of Edinburgh.

*Thanks to Prof. Robert B. Fisher and Siri Rodnes for the above information*


Research in a Nutshell