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The Evolving Promise of the Life Sciences Global Forum



Blogs and photographs of the OECD/Genomics Forum event published.


The OECD and the ESRC Genomics Policy & Research Forum jointly organised a one-day “Global Forum” in Paris on 12 November 2012, entitled

The event was both retrospective and forward-looking. It considered if historic breakthroughs in life sciences – such as the cloning of Dolly the Sheep and the mapping of the human genome – have produced the economic and societal impacts originally anticipated. Focusing upon recently emerging sectors and developments within biotechnology, the Global Forum also examined what can be learnt about the way expectations surrounding developing technologies shape the products and services these deliver to market.

The Global Forum concluded that the promise of biotechnology is not static, but evolves with fresh scientific knowledge, novel and appropriate regulation, and that – in order to realise its full potential – the future of biotechnology needs to also integrate social and cultural dimensions.

Blogs from each session of the event – produced by Genomics Forum staff – can be found on Genotype – the Genomics Forum blog-space.

Photographs from the event can be found on the Forum’s Flickr page.

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Speaker presentations from the Global Forum can be found on the dedicated section of the OECD website.

A summary report of the Global Forum event will be made available in the near future.


World in DNA - logo used for OECD and Genomics Forum Event