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The Carbon Crunch



Steve Yearley reviews Dieter Helm’s book – on how we’re getting climate change wrong – for the Times Higher Education magazine.


The Director of the ESRC Genomics Forum, Professor Steve Yearley has reviewed the latest book from Dieter Helm – entitled The Carbon Crunch: How We’re Getting Climate Change Wrong - and How to Fix It – on behalf of the Times Higher Education magazine.

Dieter Helm is a Professor of Economics at the University of Oxford. He specialises in the economics of utilities, regulation and the environment, and has assisted the European Commission in preparing its Energy Roadmap 2050.

In The Carbon Crunch Professor Helm looks at how and why, since the establishment of 1997’s Kyoto Protocol, we have failed to tackle the issue of global warming and argues for a new, pragmatic rethinking of energy policy.

In his review in the Times Higher Education magazine, Professor Yearley comments:

“Dieter Helm argues that The Kyoto Protocol has not brought about any overall worldwide diminution in greenhouse-gas emissions - far from it - and there are no agreements in place that are likely to address this fact any time soon. And among the key reasons for this, he says, are economic ones.

“His ‘fix’ is: hasten the switch to gas through a carbon tax - to get out of coal - and then wait for investments in the next generation of renewables to pay off. Given his merciless view of existing policies, his solution appears lacking in detail and political realism. But this is a provocative analysis and well worth the discomfort it will likely engender.”

Professor Yearley’s full review can be accessed on the THE website.

The Carbon Crunch is published by Yale University Press.


Picture of cover of The Carbon Crunch book