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Forum Director to address Gairdner Foundation/Genome Canada event



Steve Yearley to speak at leading international genomics conference


ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum Director, , will be heading to Ottawa, Canada in late November 2012, where he will speak at the Genomics: the Power and the Promise international conference.

The conference, which is organised jointly by the Gairdner Foundation and Genome Canada, is an examination of state-of-the-science which will bring together a raft of international experts to consider and mark the accomplishments and advancement of genomics.

The event features an impressive array of world-class speakers, who will provide a critical look at scientific progress and achievement in a variety of disciplines, including: evolutionary genomics, cancer, epigenomics, pharmacogenomics, biofuels, environmental remediation, fisheries & aquaculture, and food security and safety.

Professor Yearley will contribute to the section of the conference considering issues relating to environmental genomics.


Steve Yearley