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OECD/Genomics Forum conference attracts media attention



“The Observer” publishes article on issues raised in marine biotech session


The recent Global Forum on The Evolving Promise of the Life Sciences – which took place in Paris on 12 November and was jointly organised by the OECD and the ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum – has received substantial coverage in The Observer newspaper.

Opportunities and issues around developments in the field of marine biotechnology featured in one of the five plenary sessions of the Global Forum, and were explored in an article published in the newspaper on the eve of the conference, entitled Marine 'treasure trove' could bring revolution in medicine and industry.

The full page piece – which was written by The Observer’s Science Editor, Robin McKie – featured contributions from Professor Curtis Suttle, from the University of British Columbia, on the “almost infinite” potential for marine biotechnology, and from Genomics Forum Director, Professor Steve Yearley, on the challenges (such as international regulation) associated with identifying and developing marine biotechnology products.

It is intended that a summary report on the full Global Forum will be published on the Genomics Forum website in the near future.


Marine treasure trove