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Photographer-in-Residence's work shown at "Portraits of Britain" exhibition



Genomics Forum photographer's work appears at exhibition celebrating UK social sciences.


The ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Fourm is delighted to announce that the work of its Photographer-in-Residence is to form part of the ESRC Celebrating Portraits of Britain exhibition.

Georgina Wood was appointed as the ESRC Genomics Forum Photographer in Residence from June to August 2012. During her residency, Georgina explored a number of areas of the Genomics Forum's work in relation to the impact of the life sciences on society, culminating in a series of photographs documenting the emergence and evolution of bio-fuels within the UK. Three of Georgina's photographs relating to this subject were entered into the "environment" category of the ESRC 2012 Portraits of Britain photography competition, which celebrates UK social sciences.

One of Georgina's competition entries has been short-listed for exhibition, and will be showcased at the Celebrating Portraits of Britain exhibition (the ESRC’s 2012 flagship Festival of Social Science event) at the Strand Gallery, London on 8-11 November 20012.

The Gemomics Forum hosts an artist in residence programme - including photographers, authors, playwrights and filmmakers - to engage the public in issues around social science and genomics as part of its initiative.


Picture of SLR camera