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Festival Event Asks: “Could a Biotech Revolution Transform Scotland and Ignite Interest in the Life Sciences?”



Biotechnology at centre of Genomics Forum and Innogen Festival of Social Science Event.



The importance of a biotechnology revolution to Scotland’s economy and engaging young people’s interest in the life sciences will form the centrepiece of a major event taking place in Edinburgh on Saturday 10 November 2010.

The Revolution Will Be Bio-Based… – which is organised by the ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum and ESRC Innogen Centre, and forms part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science – is a free, fun and interactive event which will combine practical bio-science demonstrations and exhibitions with discussion sessions on the future direction of the life sciences.

Topics up for consideration in TED style discussions, each featuring an expert panel, include:

  • Could DIY-Bio ignite young people’s interest in the life sciences?
  • How important is biotechnology to rebuilding the UK’s economy?
  • Could Scotland, the country which gave the world “Dolly” the cloned sheep, potentially be leader in a global revolution in the life sciences?

Biotechnology demonstrations will allow those attending the opportunity to experience life science techniques first hand, and will include making a microbial fuel cell, and extracting DNA from a strawberry. There will also be exhibitions on the work of Scotland’s ground-breaking life sciences research centres.

Speaking in advance of the The Revolution Will Be Bio-Based, Director of the ESRC Genomics Forum, , said:

“The world is currently experiencing a biotechnology revolution, akin to the industrial and information-technology revolutions of previous centuries. Biotechnology is increasingly important to both Scotland’s economy and society, with many recent advances in the life sciences – such as the cloning of Dolly the Sheep – resulting from Scottish-based research.

“However, with developments in biotechnology happening so quickly, Scotland cannot afford to rest on its laurels. This event will provide an opportunity to discuss how we should look to develop Scottish life sciences in the future, in order to maximise their benefit to Scotland’s society and economy. It will also enable young people to explore exactly how engaging biotechnology – including DIY-bio – can be, which is highly important if we are going to develop Scotland as a world leader in the life sciences.”

The Revolution Will Be Bio-Based takes place from 1pm-5pm on Saturday 10 November, at the University of Edinburgh’s Appleton Tower, Crichton Street, Edinburgh. All discussions and demonstrations are free, but it is recommended that places be reserved in advance, via http://revolutionwillbebiobased.eventbrite.co.uk/, in order to avoid disappointment.


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