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Filmmakers-in-Residence put work of Genomics Network in focus



Impact of the Genomics Forum and Network to be documented in film.


The role of the ESRC Genomics Network in engaging society in issues relating to the life sciences is set to be documented in film, with the appointment by the ESRC Genomics Forum of two Filmmakers-in-Residence.

Joining the Genomics Forum in September 2012, – who specialises in producing animation-based work – and – who works primarily in live action documentary – will be researching the work and achievements of the Genomics Network over the last decade, with a view to producing a film, or films, that reflect these.

Both Cameron and Lindsay possess considerable film-making pedigrees, and have each been involved in projects which have been nominated for BAFTA awards.

Commenting on the appointment of the Filmmakers-in-Residence, Genomics Forum Deputy Director, said:

“The Genomics Forum has a long tradition of working in partnership with creative talent – including writers, playwrights and artists – to engage the public on issues around life sciences and genomics in innovative and interesting ways.

“As the current phase of the Genomics Network and Forum begins to draw to a close, we are delighted to have been joined by not one but two Filmmakers-in-Residence, who will be examining how the Genomics Network has so successfully brought society and the life sciences together.

“Judging by the excellent work that both Cameron and Lindsay have already produced, we very much look forward to seeing how they will interpret the wide ranging impact of the Genomics Network during the last decade.”