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Forum Playwright-in-Residence wins Fringe First award



Peter Arnott’s play about US war veterans receives prestigious recognition.


The Genomics Forum is delighted to announce that its Playwright-in-Residence, , has had his latest work Why do they stand there in the rain recognised through the award of a Scotsman Fringe First.

The play was premiered as part of the 2012 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where it was performed by actors from the Pepperdine University (Malibu). The work tells the story of the American First World War veterans who occupied Washington during the 1932 depression, to demand their promised compensation payments.

The Fringe First Awards, which are organised by The Scotsman newspaper, are designed to encourage new writing to be premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and are highly prestigious, frequently having a significant positive impact on a how a show prospers beyond the Fringe.

The production has also received a five-star review from the British Theatre Guide, website, where Graeme Strachan wrote:

“The show is a touching tribute to the peaceful humanity of a people put in terrible strife, with no need to gloss over the harsh realities of the time, including the heartbreaking naivety of the troops and bigoted racism of many. Many links are made between the events then and the recent recession, and although the current occupy movements share many facets these are underplayed and left to be plainly evident to the audience, rather than being hammered home without any subtlety.

“The cast are universally superb, breaking into eloquent song one moment only to slip silently into quiet conversation that kept the audience rapt throughout.

“A truly fine production and a fascinating piece of new theatre, well worth its place as one of the best shows of this year's Fringe Festival.”


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