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Congratulations to Genomics Forum former Writer in Residence!



Ken MacLeod has been appointed Writer in Residence at Edinburgh Napier University


We were delighted to hear that Ken's appointment as Writer in Residence at Edinburgh Napier University has just been officially announced. The university's innovative MA in Creative Writing course, open to full-time and part-time students, is both practical and challenging, with a strong genre component. Over the past few years, Ken has met and been greatly impressed by its lecturers, course leaders and students, and he very much looks forward to working with them.The 2010-2011 Writer in Residence, Robert Shearman, has some interesting and slightly scary things to say about what the job involves. For more, equally enlightening and entertaining information about the course and its objectives, take a look through the blog - and expect to see some contributions there from Ken in the coming months.