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The Green Paradox



Professor Steve Yearley reviews Hans-Werner Sinn’s latest book, for Times Higher Education magazine.


Genomics Forum Director, has recently reviewed Hans-Werner Sinn’s latest book The Green Paradox on behalf of the Times Higher Education magazine. The Green Paradox, by Professor Sinn – internationally-renowned economist and President of Munich’s Ifo Institute - examines how international protocols to address climate change may have unexpected impacts upon the demand for, and supply of, fossil fuels.In his review for the Times Higher Education, Steve Yearley notes:“The aim of Sinn’s book is to shift our attention to the supply side. For example, it turns out that fossil fuel extraction is so enormously profitable that oil and gas prices would have to drop by more than 80% to make extraction uneconomic. Accordingly, alternative energy will have to be extraordinarily cheap before fossil fuels are priced out the market. Sinn offers no simple solutions but alerts us effectively to the supply side of the equation.”Professor Yearley’s review can be accessed on the THE website.The Green Paradox is published by MIT Press.


Picture of cover of Green Paradox book.