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Behind the Scenes at The Fly Room



Learn how the Forum’s Resident Playwright develops his genomics drama.


Following the critically acclaimed performance of – the genomics-inspired review written by the Forum’s Playwright-in-Residence, – audiences now have the opportunity to observe the creative process behind the work.As part of the Write Here festival, developed by Edinburgh’s Traverse Theatre, on 16 and 17 April award-winning dramatist Peter Arnott will provide an insight into how life sciences have influenced his recent work, and the stages involved in the production of Talent Night at the Fly Room. This will allow festival-goers a rare opportunity to observe how drama evolves from the writer’s initial concepts, through to a live performance before an audience.For the last 12 months, Peter Arnott has been involved with the Genomics Forum as its first . During this time, he has worked with the Forum and the Traverse Theatre to stage a number of engagement events which have involved the public in dialogue about genomics and its relevance to society.Following on from Talent Night in the Fly Room, Peter will soon commence work on a play – commissioned by the Traverse Theatre with support from the Genomics Forum – which will further explore issues and concepts around genetics and society. It is anticipated the play will premiere early in 2013.Further information on Peter Arnott’s appearance at the Write Here festival can be found at the Traverse website.

During his time as Playwright-in-Residence, Peter has also been a regular contributer to the Forum's blog - Genotype.


Abstract art for Fly Room revue