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Genomics, drama and literature combine at the British Library



Forum resident writers feature in an exciting evening of fact and fiction.


Proof that literature, drama and genetics can make interesting companions will be much in evidence at the British Library on 24 April, when the institution plays host to an evening of fact and fiction examining the influence life sciences have on popular culture.Genetic fictions: Genes and genre will feature social scientists from the ESRC Genomics Network on stage with award winning playwright, , and leading science fiction writer, , as they demonstrate how genes and genetics can permeate creative writing and theatre.Both writers, who have enjoyed year-long , will use the event to illustrate how genomics has influenced their work, with Ken MacLeod reading from his new novel Intrusion; and Peter Arnott, and players, performing extracts from a life-science inspired review.The event will also feature (Cesagen, Cardiff University) talking about her upcoming book Genetic Fictions: Genes, Gender and Genre, which considers how genetics connects with readers and audiences.Chaired by Jude England, Head of Social Sciences at the British Library, the event will also provide the audience with ample opportunity to pose questions and engage in discussion.For further information on Genetic fictions: Genes and genre and to book tickets, please visit the British Library website.


Abstract picture of coloured neurons.