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Genomics Forum Participates in Edinburgh International Science Festival



Genomics Forum “delighted” to contribute to the 2012 Edinburgh International Science Festival.


The Genomics Forum will once again be contributing to the programme of the Edinburgh International Science Festival, with two events forming part of the 2012 Festival’s Future Human series featuring Forum contributors.The Festival’s Future Human strand consists of a series of special screenings, conversations and events that will examine what it means to be human – in the past present and future.Following a screening of the modern classic Gattaca, Forum Director, will explore whether the fictionalised world portrayed in the film - where genetic discrimination underpins society – could ever become a reality.In the event Human 2.0, Forum Writer in Residence will form part of a panel examining what the implications of reengineering the human body, and even the human genome, might have for the way in which we define and value our humanity.Commenting in advance of his appearance at the Science Festival, Steve Yearley said:“From its inception in 1989, the Edinburgh International Science Festival has grown to become one of our premiere science communication events, and the Genomics Forum is delighted to once again be invited to contribute to its programme.“The Festival provides a genuine opportunity for people to debate the issues around how science – and in particular life sciences – might impact the society of the future, and both myself and Ken MacLeod are very much looking forward to engaging in these discussions at our respective events”. The Edinburgh International Science Festival runs from 30 March to 15 April 2012, and details of the full programme can be found at the Festival’s website.Human 2.0 takes place on Friday 13 April, at 17:30 hrs.Gattaca takes place on Saturday 14 April, at 15:15hrs.