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Rehearsals for "Talent Night at The Fly Room" Progress Apace



Preparations for Peter Arnott’s Genomics Revue come to fruition.


The sounds of music, drama, and cabaret have permeated the offices of the Genomics Forum this week. These are welcome indications that rehearsals for Talent Night at the Fly Room are progressing well.Talent Night at the Fly Room – which will take place at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, at 7.30pm on Thursday 29 March 2012 – is a “genomic review” that marks the culmination of ’s year-long role as Playwright in Residence at the Genomics Forum. During the last 12 months, Peter has worked with the Forum and the Traverse Theatre to stage a number of engagement events which have involved the public in dialogue about genomics and its relevance to society. Breaking off from rehearsals to talk about Talent Night at the Fly Room, Peter Arnott said:“The last twelve months, working as Playwright in residence with the Genomics Forum, have provided me with a fantastic opportunity to engage people in the debate around genomics and its implications for society, and to develop my own understanding and perceptions of this fascinating area of science."Talent Night at the Fly Room represents a great vehicle with which to explore further some of the ideas and issues that have come to light during this time, and I hope to feed some of the material from this revue into the genomics-themed play I am currently writing.“Working with actors is a great way of ‘reality testing’ ideas – the rehearsal room is the place where you experimentally discover whether or not you ‘are onto something’”.As his residency draws to a close, Peter Arnott has been commissioned by the Genomics Forum and Traverse Theatre to produce a play with genomics as its central theme. It is hoped the work will be completed by early 2013.Tickets for Talent Night at The Fly Room can be booked from the Traverse Theatre’s website.

During his residency, Peter has been a regular contributor to Genotype – the blog from the ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum – and his updates can be read online.


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