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Talking `Climategate` in Norway



Forum Director Steve Yearley visits TIK Centre, Oslo.


has been invited to the University of Oslo - Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture (TIK-centre) to present their first TIK seminar of the new semester.

His presentation "Climate change, climate hacks and the sociology of science" on 15 March 2012 will focus on the ‘Climategate’ affair - which saw the publication of e-mails and documents hacked or leaked from one of the world's leading climate research institutions. Steve will draw on studies in the sociology of science to examine whether the ‘Climategate’ revelations really offer an insight into bad scientific practice or in fact just arise from aspects of the normal combative process of argumentation within the science community.

For more visit: Climate change, climate hacks and the sociology of science.

This event follows Steve's successful TIK seminar in November 2011 when he presented "Science and Technology Studies(STS)and the Environment".

The University of Oslo's TIK Centre has ten years of groundbreaking research, education and research communication in Science and Technology Studies (STS) and Innovation Studies. Steve Yearley is currently collaborating with TIK on a research project about quality assurance in the communication of climate science.

The Centre consists of approximately 25 staff members and offers postgraduate education (Masters and PhD) including the European Masters in Science and Technology Studies, ESST. TIK participates in a number of international research networks and about 30 per cent of TIK research is funded by the Norwegian research council and the EU framework programmes.


Steve Yearley