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Tick-tock goes the clock



Social Anthropologist Karen Jent offers final lab notes.


Following seven months as an affiliated researcher with the Genomics Forum we bid farewell to Karen Jent.

Karen, a graduate student in Social and Cultural Anthropology and Modern History, is returning to the University of Zurich, Switzerland to complete her Masters dissertation on the relationship between regenerative medicine, society and the concept of time.

Since arriving at the Genomics Forum in August 2011 she has been pursuing ethnographic research in a stem cell laboratory based at the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Edinburgh.

Karen notes:

“The world of science can seem remote to those of us outside the lab. So what is it like to be a scientist? Amongst other things being a scientist means conducting a lot of routine laboratory practices. It turns out that unexpected objects such as the laboratory timer play an important role.”

Read Karen’s full blog report on her research - Tick-tock goes the clock: Laboratory modes of anticipation

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Karen Jent