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Mediating Climate Change



Book review by Genomics Forum Director, Steve Yearley for Times Higher Education magazine.


Mediating Climate Change Book

Mediating Climate Change by Julie Doyle explores how practices of mediation and visualisation shape how we think about, address and act upon climate change.

In his review for Times Higher Education Steve Yearley comments "Julie Doyle used to study techniques for the visualisation of the body in the context of anatomy; in her spare time she was a Greenpeace campaigner. This book blends those preoccupations: it asks how climate change is represented and envisioned in the media and documentaries, by campaigners and artists, and by international scientific bodies."

Read the full review online - The Times Higher Education Magazine - Mediating Climate Change

Mediating Climate Change by Julie Doyle was published 11 August 2011 by Ashgate and is also available as an E-book.


Mediating Climate Change book cover