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Sharing Bright Ideas



Alessandro Delfanti concluded his visit to the Genomics Forum with a workshop on sharing.


Alessandro Delfanti from the University of Milan spent a month (10 January - 12 February 2012) at the Genomics Forum as a Bright Ideas Fellow.

With a Masters degree in Science Communication, Alessandro's research interests are related to how open access practices interact with the scientific culture and contemporary life sciences.

The focus for this visit was work on his first book - Biohackers.

Due for publication by Pluto Press in autumn 2012, Biohackers highlights an emerging culture amongst those in the life sciences where traditions of open science are mixing with elements from the hacker ethic and free and open source software cultures.

Exploring these ideas Alessandro also hosted a special invitation workshop during his time at the Genomics Forum.

Circulating genomes: sharing in the life sciences - the workshop brought together social scientists and genomics researchers creating a forum for discussion of the novel and emergent practices around sharing genomic research, personal genomics projects and direct-to-consumer testing.

Presentation from the workshop will be available on-line soon - visit ESRC Genomics Network YouTube channel

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