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Lisa Matthews sparkles as the Genomics Forum’s final Bright Ideas Fellow of 2011


Lisa Matthews Lisa Matthews has spent a wintry month at the Genomics Forum as a Visiting Bright Ideas Fellow helping to develop ideas for an art-science project.

Based on the north east coast of England Lisa is a successful published poet, freelance writer, academic and co-enquiry practitioner specialising in using words, language and creative writing techniques in diverse educational, healthcare and collaborative environments.

From 21 November to 16 December 2011, Lisa has been working with Dr Matthias Wienroth, Research Fellow at the Forum, and the Forum’s Writer-in-Residence Dr Pippa Goldschmidt. The team have been developing ideas for the Photo-Poetry Project, a research/creative project exploring genomics and post genomics issues. Lisa and the Forum hope that this exciting new and highly innovative project will secure funding to commence in Spring 2012.

Commenting on her Bright Ideas Fellowship Lisa said:

“This fellowship has afforded me the creative and analytical space to develop a variety of research strands. Often sci-art projects are under-resourced and output-driven with little - and sometimes no - real dedicated time to reflect on the rationale and process. The Photo-Poetry Project will offer that. Putting experts from divergent disciplines and fields together with visual artists and creative writers is always a challenge and with this residency I have had the time and space to consider the collaborative process from a variety of angles.”

The creative project journal Lisa has been writing while at the Forum will form one of the project outputs and is a way of reflecting the level of time, energy and expertise that goes into a complex art-science collaboration. Lisa's journal, along with writings from other team members, will be published on the Forum’s Creative Space in 2012.

One of the major creative themes that have emerged for Lisa is that new genomics is tending towards infinity as it reveals layer upon layer of genetic complexity via its fast developing computational power and deluges of data. While the linguistic distillation inherent within the poetic discipline tends always towards a slowing down and, ultimately, to near silence (how few words can a poem have to truly be called a "poem"?) - a line of enquiry and research Lisa hopes to develop as an integral part of the larger Photo-Poetry Project.

In 2012 we look forward to bringing you more details on the Photo-Poetry research/creative project. For more information on the Forum’s creative and artistic ventures visit - Creative Space

In January 2012 Lisa will be editing and preparing for publication her latest collection of poetry. The book, working title "The Line", is her third poetry collection. For more on Lisa's creative writing visit www.stoneandsea.co.uk


Lisa Matthews Headshot