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The Infamous Brothers Davenport



The Forum's Resident Playwright Peter Arnott is in rehearsals with a new play at the Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh


Taking a short break from genomics the Forum's Resident Playwright Peter Arnott is in rehearsals in December 2011 with his script for The Infamous Brothers Davenport.

The play can be seen at The Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh from the 19 January until 11 February 2012 and is inspired by the true story of the Davenport Brothers. Set in 1862 audiences can look forward to an exciting evening of magic and illusion as they follow the on and off stage lives of Willy and Ira Davenport.

Directed by Candice Edmunds and Jamie Harrison and featuring original compositions by Phamie Gow the play sees the first collaboration between the Lyceum Theatre and the company Vox Motus. Following it's run at the Lyceum this production will tour around Scotland.

For more details and to book tickets visit the Royal Lyceum Theatre website

Peter will be back at the Fourm in January 2012 and once again delighting us with up dates on his work and thoughts through his regular postings on Genotype - the Genomics Forum blog.

You can also join Peter on Thursday 26 January 2012 at 4pm in the Traverse Theatre Bar Café for the last in his series of informal conversation on all things genomics. For more details on this FREE event see: Translating the Genome?

Part of the New Spring Programme at the Travserse Theatre, Edinburgh - tickets are now on sale for Talent Night in the Fly Room on Thursday 29 March 2012 when for one night only Peter has created a genomics-inspired revue of songs, poems, sketches and stories.

To book tickets visit: Traverse Theatre Box Office - Talent Night in the Fly Room


Infamous Brothers Davenport