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Shooting Wildlife



Photographers are encouraged to get wildlife in their sights for the EUZOOS-XXI International Biological Art Contest.


As part of a current project engaging people in nature conservation, EUZOOS is hosting an exciting International Biological Art Contest.

This is an opportunity to merge art and science by expressing issues through video, animation, illustration and photography. Images commenting on topics related to Biodiversity, Invasive Alien Species, Ecological Connectivity and Endangered Species are invited.

Entries to the competition may be submitted until 15 December 2011 with the winners announced in February 2012.

The ESRC Genomics Forum is the lead partner on the projects analyses of public engagement with science and, in conjunction with EUZOO’s partner Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust will be supporting an exhibition of the winning photographic entries to the competition.

For full details on the photographic contest and how to submit your entries see: Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust - Art Competition

Learn more about engaging people and nature conservation at EUZOOS XXI project


EUZOOS-XXI International Biological Art Contest