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Argentina and the UK



Bright Ideas Fellow compares regulation on stem cells


Fabiana Arzuaga is Professor of Regulation of Biotechnology and Patent Law at The Latin American School of Social Sciences - FLACSO and is visiting the Genomics Forum as a Bright Ideas research fellow.

Argentina is in the process of preparing a stem cell law and fashioning a new regulatory regime for research and stem cell banking. Fabiana is the Chair of the Argentine Advisory Commission on Regenerative Medicine & Cellular Therapies that is currently preparing a Bill on stem cells for consideration by the Argentine National Congress.

While in Edinburgh, Fabiana will prepare a report on the UK stem cell regulatory landscape seeking to identify how Argentina might shape laws and regulatory regimes to avoid some of the problems that are being experienced in the UK.

"Examining the instruments, institutions and processes connected with stem cells in the UK I am hoping to identify strengths and weakness, successes and failures." explained Fabiana.

"I wish to explore how stem cells are characterised and what the consequences of those characterisations are for the triggering or engaging different regulatory pathways, and what the choice of pathway means for innovation and commercialisation of this life science area."

As part of this research Fabiana will be conducting short interviews with a variety of UK-based stakeholders including researchers from Roslin Cells, the University of Edinburgh, representatives and members of the Scottish Stem Cells Network, and social science researchers working in this field, particularly those from SCRIPT (Shepherd and Wedderburn Centre for Research in Intellectual Property and Technology), Innogen, and ISSTI.

Together with contributing to her work on Argentina's Stem Cell Bill the report will also be provided to the Argentine Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Health.

At the end this month long Fellowship Fabiana will present an interactive expert workshop - . This invitation only event organised by the ESRC Genomics Forum and SCRIPT and held at the Forum on the 7-8 November 2011 will focus on the work pursued jointly between Argentina and Edinburgh since 2007.


Fabiana Arzuaga