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Dressing for the Past, Exploring the Future



Forum staff attend the Traverse Salon Project.


Matthias Wienroth, Academic Research Fellow at the Fourm was one of the invited guest presenters at the dress rehearsal of the Salon Project at the Traverse Theatre Edinburgh on Friday 7 October 2011.

This innovative event transforms the Traverse theatre—and its audience—creating another era, complete with chamber music and speakers commenting on subjects at the vanguard of 21st century thought in science, politics, technology and the arts.

Accompanied by Peter Arnott, Resident Playwright and Toni Freitas, Event manager, Matthias challenged his audeince with his thoughts on nano-medicine.

Visit our Flickr site to see images of our team at The Salon Project 2011

Sadly this exciting event is sold out, but watch the BBC Scotland - Salon project news item for a glimpse of what the audience will experience.

The Travserse Theatre website offers full details on The Salon Project.


Forum team at Salon Project 7 October 2011