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Where’s Your Top Hat? The Forum at The Salon Project

Issued 06.10.2011: released 06.10.2011


On Friday 7 October, Dr Matthias Wienroth will be one of the guest speakers at The Salon Project.


The Salon Project theatre production is showing at Edinburgh’s Traverse Theatre this October.

Speaking on ‘The Future’, Matthias is delighted to be participating. "The Salon Project is a unique opportunity to engage with an eclectic audience and discuss key issues for the 21st century—and beyond—in a 19th century setting. Imagine discussing something like space travel at the time of Jules Verne’s visionary novel From the Earth to the Moon in 1865: scientifically informed, exceedingly exciting, and certainly controversial and provocative. Whilst we may have been to the moon in the meantime, there are many more visions to be explored. The Salon Project is contemporary theatre at its most innovative. I look forward to a stimulating dialogue."

The Salon Project has been created by Glasgow based theatre company Untitled Projects. The audience will be costumed in late 19th century dress before entering the theatre which is being transformed into an opulent Belle Epoque Parisian salon, for an evening of conversation and music. The Salon Project promises to offer audiences "the opportunity to explore the past while imagining the future, to mirror the contrasts and paradoxes between the golden age of salon society and our own era of economic excess."


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