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Men and Monkeys Revisited



Join us for an exciting dramatic lecture from our Resident Playwright


Tickets are now on sale for:

Whose view of Life? - Men and Monkeys Revisited

Travserse Theare

Friday 30 September 2011, 7.30pm

Tickets - Cost £6

Available online from the Traverse Theatre box office or by calling the Box Office on 0131 228 1404

In 1925 when Tennessee schoolteacher John Scopes was put on trial for teaching Darwin’s ideas, it was supposed to be the final showdown between creation and evolution. But over 80 years later the battle is as fierce as ever. Using key documents, and re-examining the famous play Inherit the Wind as well as current controversies, Peter Arnott works with a small group of actors to embody an argument at the heart of genomics, genetics and evolution; to find the threads and interrogate the texts that define existence as we know it...or don’t know it.

Men and Monkeys Revisited is the first in this series of documentary drama events featuring actors, Peter and an assembled panel of experts.

is and award winning playwright and was appointed as the Genomics Forum/Traverse Theatre Resident Playwright in April 2011. During this year long residency Peter will be exploring and researching the world of genetics and the life sciences as he gathers material for a genomics related play.


monkey and man