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A Perfect Moral Storm



A philosophers take on climate change is reviewed by Genomics Forum Director, Steve Yearley in the current edition of Times Higher Education.


Can a philosophical approach to the climate issue have a practical impact? asks Steve Yearley as he reviews Stephen M. Gardiner’s new book ‘A Perfect Moral Storm: the Ethical Tragedy of Climate Change’.

In his review for Times Higher Education Steve comments "Philosophers and students of ethics are famed for the lurid and complex scenarios they invent to test out their ethical principles…. Admittedly, the rhetoric of the “perfect storm” is perhaps becoming too familiar. The UK government’s chief scientific adviser, Sir John Beddington, is already using the term to draw our attention to the overlapping effects of anticipated food, water and energy shortages. But for Gardiner, climate change represents a perfect moral storm, in that prosperous people today are knowingly imposing large burdens on poor people, on the biosphere and on future generations, and knowingly not doing much to reform our collective behaviour.”

Read the full review online - The Times Higher Education Magazine - Saving the world – Dashwood style

‘A Perfect Moral Storm: the Ethical Tragedy of Climate Change’ by Stephen M. Gardiner was published 14 July 2011 by Oxford University Press

ISBN 97801953794 0


Times Higher Education