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Join the debate at the Edinburgh Book Festival



The ESRC Genomics Forum is delighted to be sponsoring a series of panel debates as part of the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2011.


The ESRC Genomics Forum has been sponsoring events at the world's largest, and perhaps most celebrated, book festival for the last six years. In 2011 we are excited to once again be able to support three debates and anticipate lively audience participation as our panel discuss altruism in `The Kindness of Strangers’ with author Oren Harman; our ability to alter human biology in `Natural v Unnatural’ with author Philip Ball; and in a special event for young adults, in the company of children’s writer Nicola Morgan, we explore the use of drugs including Ritalin to modify teenage behaviour.

For full event details see

Such has been the anticpation surrounding this years events that one of our events `The Kindness of Strangers' with Oren Hrman sold out on the first day of ticket sales!

However, if you are looking to get involved all is not lost.

Thanks to our Forum Writers in Residence and , and our new resident Playwright, we look forward to bringing you Genotype blog reports and author interviews direct from the Festival.

Tickets for all events and further details on the complete programme are available through Edinburgh International Book Festival 2011.


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