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Synthetic Biology Sells Out



Dr Emma Frow, Genomics Forum Research Fellow joins delegates at SB5.0: the Fifth International Meeting on Synthetic Biology.


A sell-out crowd of over 700 delegates will attend SB5.0 held at Stanford University, California USA from 15-17 June 2011. This scientific conference is unusual in inviting contributions from social scientists who have been studying the field and working with synthetic biologists. Emma Frow and colleague Jane Calvert from Innogen are going to the conference to present some of their ongoing research into some of the broader social dimensions of synthetic biology.

"We are presenting a conference poster entitled 'The Future(s) of Synthetic Biology', which reports back on interactive workshops that we held at synthetic biology conferences in 2008 and 2009" explained Emma. "The aim of these workshops was to get synthetic biologists to explore possible trajectories for the field, and it's nice to be able to present the findings back to the community."

Emma also helps to coordinate the UK Synthetic Biology Standards Network, a research network of synthetic biologists from several UK universities. The SynBioStandards Network will be supporting about 15 PhD students and researchers to attend SB5.0 - visit www.synbiostandards.ac.uk in the coming weeks to read their reflections on the world's largest meeting of synthetic biologists.

Visit SB5.0: the Fifth International Meeting on Synthetic Biology website

Visit for more on her work on Synthetic Biology.


Fifth International meeting on synthetic biology