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Climate Change still a `hot’ topic



During May 2011 Genomics Forum Director, Steve Yearley has been participating in a number of climate change related activities.


Climate Connections Linking Climate Change Research – held on Friday 13 May 2011 - explored the role that climate-related knowledge networks can play in shaping understanding of, and responses to, climate change within a rural context. Acting as a facilitator Steve was helping to link research activities to practice.

A brief report that summarises activity across research networks for climate change in rural areas in Scotland will be produced for the Scottish Government, policy makers and users of research and other professionals. For more details visit the Climate Connections website.

Visiting the Netherlands for his first meeting as a board member of the International Advisory Board (IAB) of the Wageningen School of Social Sciences, Steve was invited to offer a guest lecture.

Unpicking objectivity, impartiality and neutrality: must scientists be activists in the environmental arena? - was prompted by recent reviews of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) which suggested - among other things - that the IPCC was in danger of being perceived as too activist, and that "pro-environmentalist" claims and assertions had sometimes not been scrutinised critically enough. In his talk, Steve set out the issues facing today’s scientists in conceptual terms, drawing on the philosophy of science and science and technology studies, and then examining the question further through case-study examples.

Visit Steve Yearley's profile page for more details on his activities.


Climate change meeting