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Dances with Wolves?



View striking images of Genomics Forum Director, Steve Yearley as his work as the lead sociologist on the EU Zoos-XX1 project found him joining a Swedish wolf pack at Kolmården Zoo.


Wolves - Steve Yearley

View images at our flickr website - Dances with Wolves? - Kolmården Zoo, Sweden

The wolf pack is at Kolmården Zoo, Sweden a EUZoos-XX1 project partner - this innovative project aims to use citizen engagement strategies to promote social learning around four leading aspects of nature conservation: Invasive Alien Species; Biodiversity; Ecological Connectivity; and Endangered Species.

Among the project activities is the novel idea of involving public groups in designing a zoo exhibit or installation around a theme tied to biodiversity. All four European partner zoos and marine parks will offer at least one such publicly-shaped exhibit.

Steve Yearley was in Sweden to help with the practicalities of the zoo's first public engagement exercise.

Learn more at the EUZoos-XX1 Project website.


Wolves - Steve Yearley icon